Naruto Online Level 55 – Ninja Exam. Midnight Blade

A must-play online Naruto MMORPG of fans, Naruto Online is now live! Here, you can collect your favorite ninjas, apply amazing mystery skills, follow in the footsteps of Naruto and experience the legendary tale yourself.

Naruto Online Level 55 – Ninja Exam. Midnight Blade Tips

Round 1: Use Neji’s Mystery skill jutsu on Tsunade multiple times to cause damage. Naruto uses standard attack and combos. Everybody else uses standard attacks until Tsunade is defeated.

Round 2: Use standard attacks against Tsunade to clear this round.In MMORPG Game If Naruto takes a Critical Hit, restart because his damage is too serious to continue.

Round 3: Tsunade will use her Mystery skill jutsu. Use Midnight Blade to end her skills. Use Zabuza’s Mystery skill jutsu on her too. Naruto uses combos to take out Tsunade.

Katsuyu enters the match after Tsunade’s defeat

Round 1: Use Naruto to create some shadow clones. Katsuyu’s attack lands on the clones. Continue using standard attacks until the round is cleared.

Round 2: Katsuyu will use his Mystery skill jutsu. Use Neji to end his skills. Your other units use standard attacks until the round is cleared.

Keep repeating the previous strategy to pass the level. You can end Katsuyu’s skill once every two rounds. Use Naruto’s clones to resist Katsuyu’s damage.
In Naruto Online, obtaining and improving your equipment is a big part of cultivating your battle strength. For instance, installing a magatama on your equipment can multiply its base attributes. Magatamas are divided into 9 levels according to their qualities. Every four common magatamas can be combined to form one higher-level magatama, e.g., four Level 3 magatamas form one Level 4 magatama. Magatamas are also classified according to their enhancement attributes: Life, Attack, Defense, Ninjutsu, and Resistance, which correspond to the forehead, weaponry, armors, scrolls, and accessories, respectively.

Using magatamas is one of the pathways to enhancing a player’s battle strength. The so-called magatama is actually a gem that helps you increase power. So, how do you get magatamas?

Method 1: Ninja Exams
You obtain a magatama every time you pass a level. The more levels you pass, the higher level the magatama you get.

Method 2: Group Wheel
You can also acquire magatamas by spinning the Lucky Wheel in the Group System. The first spin of the day is for free. After that, you need to pay group contributions in order to spin.

4 Tips to Make It Easier for You Get Started With Online Poker Games

If you are thinking of playing poker online, you are on the right page. If you want to switch to online poker, you may want to find it difficult to make this change. This is the same case even if you are a good conventional player. The good thing is that you can use a variety of tools and techniques to make this transition easier. Keeping this point in mind, we have shared some tips that can help you get started as a beginner in this field. Read on to find out more.

1. Start with Low Stakes

First of all, if you play high-stake cash games, we suggest that you go for lower stakes first. The purpose of these sessions is to help you get familiar with the online version of these games. Apart from this, if you start with low stakes, it will increase your chances of winning.

Apart from this, this approach can help you get started even if you have a small bankroll. Plus, you can use this approach to reduce your undue stress during your games. Besides, it will allow you to focus your attention on your long-term goal.

2. Get Familiar with the Environment

During the first sessions, you may have to overcome some hurdles. For example, you may find it difficult to use the time-bank feature. Apart from this, if you are just getting started, you may want to become familiar with different aspects of online poker games.

For example, you may want to get familiar with rakeback offers, the cashier page, betting features, and the layout of the website, just to name a few. If you get started after you have become familiar with the whole system, it will be easier for you to play safe.

3. Stick to a Single Table

You may find it tempting to go straight to multi-tabling. Although there are many benefits of playing poker online at more than one table at the same time, we don’t recommend it. According to experts, you should take your time to get familiar with the technical side of online poker games. Depending upon your experience and ability, it may take at least a couple of weeks.

So, we suggest that you play at one table until you have gained some experience. Once you have gained some experience and confidence, you can use more than one table at the same time.

4. Avoid Distractions

At a local casino, you have to sit at a physical table. However, online poker games have a completely different environment. Therefore, you cannot take the risk of distracting yourself. So, you may not want to browse the web, talk to someone on the phone, or watch television while playing the game.

The problem is that these distractions will increase your chances of making costly mistakes. If you don’t want to lose money, we suggest that you play your game in a distraction-free environment. This approach will help you focus on the game and increase your chances of defeating your opponent.

Long story short, we suggest that you follow these steps if you want to play poker online and increase your chances of winning the games.

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Moroccan Buy To Let Property Investment Guide

When buying a secondary residence in Morocco for rental investment, the nature of the property acquisition is different from that of a lifestyle investment choice – the focus should remain strictly on anticipated rental return (immediate revenue) and return on invested capital (upon sale). Depending on the nature and location of your Moroccan property for rental and what your usage requirements are, there are a number of possible rental opportunities, as in the table below:A) Long term letting (6 months +): 5% – 10% per annum (gross).1 month’s rent (agency commission) or 20% for management services.B) Short term letting (1-5 months) 5% – 15% per annum (gross).20% agency commission for management services.C) Managed rental/holiday letting: (3 nights +): 10% – 20% per annum (gross).20% agency commission for management services.DETAILS EXPLAINED:A) Long term letting in Morocco.This is the most typical rental option. The rental agency will advertise your property and search their network / database to find a tenant. Once a tenant has been found, the agency will prepare the tenancy agreement (contrat de bail), which must be signed and legalised. The agency should conduct an inspection before the tenants move in and once s/he moves out, as well as creating an inventory of furniture etc. The tenant pays the owner directly at predetermined intervals. Note: It is standard practice to mandate multiple estate agents to rent your property on your behalf in Morocco. The mandate between property owner and estate agent is deemed non-exclusive.B) Short term letting in Morocco.A short term let is identical in nature to long-term let but may be preferable if, as the owner, you have fixed periods during the year when you wish to occupy your Moroccan property, e.g. during the winter months.C) Managed rental / holiday letting in Morocco (La gestion locative).This service is offered by a small number of agencies as well as some professional individuals in Marrakech. Management services come at a cost – generally 20%, yet managed rental does provide many organisational benefits – the agency comprehensively manages the rental and maintenance of your property for you and provides valuable customer service for your rental clients. Combine this to the potential to generate up to 25% gross return on investment whilst retaining the liberty to make use of your property personally if and when you wish, and short term letting is certainly worth considering.In principal, a managed rental service is based on a contract where the property owner mandates the rental management agency to rent and administrate the property. This involves the agency executing the owner’s wishes (within reason), managing the personal obligations of the owner with regard to the property as well as those towards fellow residents/neighbours and finally; – providing civil and legal representation on the owner’s behalf.The service typically involves:* Collecting rental monies from the clients who rent the property; these can be deposited directly to the owner’s Moroccan bank account (less the fees & expenses)* Rendez-vous with the client in Marrakech to introduce him/her to the apartment* Payment of utility bills* Undertaking any necessary repairs (building, electrical, plumbing etc.)* Insurance – Taking out a contents and damages policy and reporting any damage or loss* General administration of bills and paperworkOther than the great investment return, the main advantage of opting for this form of rental is the freedom it allows you as the owner to make use of your property as much or as little as you like. The agency will not enforce a minimum rental quota per year. This rental method can prove quite lucrative for properties which are in demand with holiday and weekend visitors, i.e. luxury apartments in central Marrakech. See the rental indicators section below for more details.Note: Beware of “Rental Guarantees”. A managed rental service is not to be confused with guaranteed rental return scheme. Although very rare, some agencies may offer you a guaranteed rental return scheme – alluring you with a guaranteed return of X% per annum from the rental of your property, at a cost of next to nothing to you. Such schemes are to be avoided since they are conducive to filling the property with clients 365 days a year, whether said clients are desirable or undesirable.RENTAL APPRAISAL:In order to choose the rental strategy most suited to you, it is useful to estimate the potential rental return your property will generate. The following indicators relate only to apartments since villas vary greatly in nature and importance, thus, their rental value cannot be accurately estimated through the use of these indicators).MARRAKECH LONG TERM RENTAL:Source: Challenge – L’argus de l’immobilier Jan – Mar 2010 Edition (Challenge is a leading news review published weekly in Morocco. L’argus de l’immobilier quarterly special edition is considered the No. 1 price barometer for real estate throughout the Kingdom of Morocco).KEY:* Location / apartment description / size* Rental values in Dhs per month (EUR)* Variation in value since last quarterGueliz, Lounge + 1 bedroom, 40m2 – 80m2Minimum: 3,500 (320)Average: 4,850 (430)Maximum: 6,500 (580)Variation: +1%Gueliz, Lounge + 2-4 bedroom, 70m2 – 150m2Minimum: 5,500 (490)Average: 7,000 (625)Maximum: 10,000 (890)Variation: Equal**Hivernage, Lounge + 1 bedroom, 40m2 – 80m2Minimum: 5,500 (490)Average: 5,850 (520)Maximum: 7,000 (625)Variation: +1%Hivernage, Lounge + 2 bedrooms, 70m2 – 120m2Minimum: 7,000 (625)Average: 9,350 (830)Maximum: 13,000 (1,160)Variation: +0.5%Hivernage, Lounge + 3-4 bedrooms, 130m2 – 150m2Minimum: 10,000 (890)Average: 11,700 (1,050)Maximum: 16,000 (1,430)Variation: EqualMARRAKECH SHORT TERM RENTAL:Rented by night, apartments in Gueliz can typically be rented at the following rates (prices vary according to season, location and quality of apartment; consult a professional for further advice):KEY:* Location / apartment description / size* Rental values in Dhs per night (EUR)Gueliz, Studio or Lounge + 1 bedroom, 40m2 – 80m2Minimum: 400 (35)Average: 500 (45)Maximum: 800 (70)Gueliz, Lounge + 2 bedrooms, 70m2 – 120m2Minimum: 600 (53)Average: 1,000 (90)Maximum: 1,600 (140)TAX ON RENTAL INCOMEInternational investors looking to operate a buy-to-let strategy with their investment property in Morocco will be required to pay tax on this generated income. The first three years can be exempt of tax, but afterwards investors must pay tax on 60% of their generated income at levels between 22% and 44%.Municipal Tax For Rental Properties: if investors do not live in the property at all, a tax of 13.50% on the rental value is levied.General Municipal Tax: in Morocco, property owners are required to pay an annual property tax. The first five years are exempt. After this, tax is due based on the annual rental value of the property. The table below gives an approximate guide to the taxes due:* Less than 3,000 dhs – 0%* Between 3,001 and 6,000 dhs – 10% (25 – 50 EUR PA)* Between 6,001 and 12,000 dhs – 16% (75 – 160 EUR PA)* Between 12,001 and 24,000 dhs – 20% (200 – 420 EUR PA)* Between 24,001 and 36,000 dhs – 24% (500 – 750 EUR PA)* Between 36,001 and 60,000 dhs – 28% (900 – 1,500 EUR PA)* More than 60,000 dhs – 30% (1,600 EUR PA)Capital Gains Tax: if the property is sold within five years, capital gains tax is charged at 20% of profit with a minimum of 3% of the sale price. A property sold between six and ten years of ownership will pay 10% capital gains tax and 0% thereafter. Capital gains tax is based on the sale price less the purchase price.Inheritance Tax: there is 0% inheritance tax for family members, but it is essential to make a legal Moroccan will and seek professional tax advice beforehand.UK-Morocco Tax Treaty: there is a double tax treaty in place between Morocco and the UK and this protects the investor from being liable for capital gains tax in both countries.Corporate Tax: if you are considering investing in multiple property units in Morocco, it may be an idea to consider creating a Moroccan private limited company. Your Moroccan notary will be able to advise on the most efficient way to do this.TO SUMMARISE:A large number of real estate agencies in Marrakech offer the above mentioned rental services. Whether you are buying a property for pure rental investment or if you wish to make some use of the property as well as renting, a professional rental appraisal and agent is a very good idea.

4 Reasons The Study Of Organizational Behavior Is Imperative

The managers or entrepreneurs are the leaders who can shape the success of their organization. For a successful run, a leader needs to ensure that the business carries out its internal and core operations Organizational Behavior plays a vital role in any enterprise’s success. It outlines the system in which the company will run, where it’ll fit in the industry and it also decides the future of the company. It defines the vision, mission, and goals of the company and outlines a way in which the members of the company will interact with each other. Thus, every manager or entrepreneur should learn the core principles of Organizational Behavior for the success of the business. Here are a few more reasons that exemplify the significance of the study of organizational behavior:

1. It helps in understanding the mission of the enterprise
Every organization has its quintessence or its purpose of carrying out the intended operations. Organizational behavior aids the entrepreneurs in defining the task of the organization- what a company will do and how it’ll do it. It defines an infrastructure that will be followed by the company throughout its run. It also emphasizes on establishing a mission statement that the company wants to achieve through its operations. The mission is not only monetary but it speaks of the company’s culture and aims at bringing a change in the lives of the customers, stakeholders and all the people involved with the company. The mission statement tells everyone about the goals of the organization and can be used to gauge the effectiveness of its operations.

2. It aids in establishing clear expectations
The organizational behavior not only helps in establishing a mission, but it also helps the managers or entrepreneurs in setting expectations for the employees, stakeholders as well as the customers. It helps in formulating the chain of command performed by each employee and also decides the kinds of vendors and customers the company should expect.

3. It helps in better decision making
The organizational behavior paves way for uniformity in the company and its core values. The establishment of the uniform mission, actions and messages facilitate the managers to make better decisions that are fruitful for the company. Organizational Behavior entails an identity to the organization so the managers can make their decision aligning with the nature of operations of the organization.

4. It ensures that managers hire the right person
The employees are the main pillars of organizational behavior. The people that bring new ideas and passion to the organization are considered as the perfect employees for the organization. If the organizational behavior is clearly defined, the newly employed candidates can easily understand their duties and it also makes easy for the managers to hire the right people and communicate with them effectively.